The Work of Day and Night


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The Work of Day and Night


Suyuti’s Collection of Prophetic Practices and Prayers


Translated by: RASHAD JAMEER

ISBN (PAPERBACK): 978 1 903682 89 0
PRICE: £12.99

PAGES: 248
SIZE: 195 x 125mm
PUBLISHED: February 2016
OTHER: Bilingual Edition: Arabic-English. Glossary. Appendix with transliterated prayers.

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Imam Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti composed the Work of Day and Night (‘Amal al-yawm wa’l-layla) as a guide to correct conduct and worship in accordance with the example of the Prophet and the Pious Predecessors. This book contains some of the most beautiful prayers in Islamic devotional literature, and Suyuty has provided guidance about nearly every situation that one is likely to encounter day-to-day. In it the reader will find: the prayers said upon awakening, before eating and when dressing; the acts carried out at various times of the day and between prayers; and much else. A special section is dedicated to prayers that are recommended for reading at times of need due to their widely recognised protective qualities. Work of Day and Night is invaluable for learning the Sunna of the Prophet and integrating it into one’s life, as Suyuti took great care to explain precisely how to perform each of the daily practices in accordance with the example of the Prophet Muhammad.

It is hoped that this bilingual volume will enable a wider English-speaking audience to access one of the treasures of traditional Islamic knowledge and practice, and that it will provide Muslim readers with a source of inspiration in everyday life. A selection of the most beautiful and useful prayers has been transliterated and included in an appendix so that all worshippers may benefit by reciting them — regardless of Arabic ability. There is also a glossary of the most important religious terms.

Imam Jalal al-Din Suyuti (d. 911/1505) was one of the most prolific writers produced by the Islamic world. He is the author of over 700 works in virtually every field known to Islamic science, including the famous Jalalayn commentary of the Qur’an (of which he was co-author).

Rashad Jameer studied Arabic, Qur’an, Hadith, Hanafi and Maliki fiqh and ‘aqida in Canada, Egypt and Yemen. He is the translator of several classical texts on Hadith, and also teaches Islamic Studies at a number of mosques in Toronto, Canada.

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