Forty Hadith Qudsi


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Forty Hadith Qudsi



ISBN (PAPERBACK): 978 0 946621 66 8
PRICE: £9.99

PAGES: 152
SIZE: 216 x 138mm
OTHER: Bilingual Arabic-English edition. Index.

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The hadith qudsi are the sayings of the Prophet divinely communicated to him. The present collection has been compiled from all the available books of hadith. The forty chosen here are all well authenticated and present many of the doctrinal, devotional and ethical elements of Islam. A scholarly introduction deals fully with the subject and shows the way in which the hadith qudsi differs from the Qur’an and from the Prophetic hadith.

This selection and translation has been made by the translators of An-Nawawi’s Forty Hadith. Forty Hadith Qudsi is regarded as a companion volume and has been printed in similar format with the original Arabic text given alongside the English translation.

The late Ezzeddin Ibrahim taught and held educational posts in several Middle Eastern countries and was well known as a writer and lecturer on Islamic subjects. Along with Denys Johnson-Davies, he also co-translated An-Nawawi’s Forty Hadith and The Goodly Word: Al-Kalim al-Tayyib, both published by the Islamic Texts Society. The late Denys Johnson-Davies was a well-known translator having published more than twenty-five volumes of short stories. Aside from the above two titles co-translated with Ezzeddin Ibrahim, he has also translated Al-Ghazali on the Manners Relating to Eating, as part of the Islamic Texts Society’s Al-Ghazali Series.

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