Al-Ghazali on Conduct in Travel


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Al-Ghazali on Conduct in Travel


Book XVII of the Revival of the Religious Sciences
(Ihya’ ‘Ulum al-Din)


ISBN (HARDBACK): 978 1 903682 44 9
PRICE: £29.99
ISBN (PAPERBACK): 978 1 903682 45 6
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PAGES: 204
SIZE: 234 x 156mm
PUBLISHED: December 2015
OTHER: Appendix. Bibliography. Indexes.

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Al-Ghazali on Conduct in Travel is a translation of the seventeenth book of the Revival of the Religious Sciences. In it, Ghazali explains the different outer and inner reasons for travel. Outer reasons include the pilgrimage, the search for knowledge, and the flight from danger; while inner reasons include the acquisition of virtue and the disciplining of the soul. Ghazali divides travel into four classes, and portrays the right inward and outward conduct for each. He then follows this with a practical chapter on the use of religious concessions while travelling, and concludes with a final chapter on how the traveller is to establish the proper direction and times for prayer.

Please refer to the Islamic Texts Society Al-Ghazali Series for further translations from Al-Ghazali.

Prof. Leonard Librande received a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from McGill University in 1976. He is a professor at Carleton University in Canada.


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